I love this place!

I just looked at the website of another fitnes professional. I heard of him through a network of highly visible fitness clubs that are really into marketing in a big way. These guys kind of amaze me at how prolific their marketing and sales systems are.

As I said, I just looked at their website with it’s offers and promotion material – and I’m surprised, as I so often am, at how they approach the actual practice of fitness.

I see overweight, out of shape men trying to lift and roll huge tractor tires. I see women outside in the parking lot trying to smash similar tires with a sledge hammer.

Wow. this is “getting in shape”?

As I look at my studio, I think of how pleasant this place is, how nice the studio looks, how carefully every exercise is performed and measured for both safety and effectiveness, and how sensibly it is designed for adults.

I do love this place!

By randybengtsson

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