I’ve been with Randy for 8 years now. My doctor says the changes in my blood work were miraculous and continue to be! Impacted by the new economy, I briefly tried one of the “Big Gyms” – and wound up hurting both shoulders. Now I’m back on track and staying fit with Randy!       Wendy Tucker

I’m amazed how my vitality and fitness have developed working with Randy at Lifestyle & Fitness through gradual, measured progress. My new  fitness level has changed my entire life!
Jeff Madison

I really appreciate the sensible, mature outlook of the clients at Lifestyle & Fitness. The environment in our workout studio is bright, clean, safe and uplifting. Your program has been central to my losing 33 pounds in the last 7 months. I’m breathing easier and have much more energy. Thank you for being an excellent coach and trainer.      Susan Zimmer

I feel stronger and in your personally designed workouts I’m moving all my joints …something I haven’t done for a long time!       Ray Ponce

Through your coaching and training I have been able to achieve a healthy lifestyle change  both in terms of my fitness routine and nutritional habits. You have provided expertise and accountability, both of which I needed to establish what I believe is a lifelong fitness routine. Lifestyle & Fitness is filled with a high quality clientele and an atmosphere that promotes friendships.      Russ Wertz


One comment on “Testimonials

  1. I am a 63 year-old chiropractor near Randy’s facility. Several years ago I wanted to return to a sport I had loved when I was younger…. surfing. Upon returning into the ocean I quickly discovered that the paddling strength I took for granted was gone. Without this strength surfing was just a miserable pounding by mother ocean. Randy devised a specific program to increase the strength and stamina of the muscles used for paddling my surfboard. Upon returning to the water after his program I was able to surf better than ever, and I still continue to this day. Thank you Randy, for giving me life’s pleasure back.

    Dr. Michael Nelson, Ortega Chiropractic

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