Lifestyle Fitness Coaching – a key to lasting success!

I heard a great interview yesterday with Dr. Lustig. HIs summary of years and years of education, clinical practice, and reflection regarding nutrition and health contained two words: Real food.

It reminds me of T.Colin Campbell’s paradigm: WFPB, or a Whole Food Plant Based diet.

Both men have many, many years of education and clinical experience. They are remarkably bright and their synthesis of all their learning and research is some very similar and simple wisdom. Eat wholesome, real foods.

There’s a lot to be said about doing some very basic and simple things with great consistency to get great health and fitness results. Yet, there is another part to this story. You have to actually DO this as an ongoing way of life, as a lifestyle. That’s where the challenge begins. How can we do something that we know is good for us and is SIMPLE but not EASY?

That’s where Personal Lifestyle Fitness Coaching comes in. It’s the bridge between desire and consistent action, between moments of changed behaviors and lasting habits.

By randybengtsson

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