Our Uniqueness

What do we uniquely offer you?

Our focus: Fitness as a means to a great life. (We have a special place for beginners and those with physical or medical conditions.)

Adult fitness is really a specialty area. For those over 40, the best programs require not simply the easing up of typical athletic or body building approaches but a whole new approach – a new paradigm. It’s about a new lifestyle and lifetime perspective.

Our attitude: We care – a lot. We seek to enhance a person’s whole life, beginning with an integrated physical fitness and wellness practice. It’s whole-life, whole-person fitness.

That truly makes a difference in everything we do. It’s a key part of our signature approach to healthy, life-enhancing fitness and wellness. We  want to enrich your life in every way we possibly can. It’s more than fitness. It’s a great way of life.

Our education: We value higher education as one of the essential components in providing  professional, safe, and effective service. It’s the basis of any truly professional career.

Randy Bengtsson, M.A.; CWC has a B.A, in Psychology, has done graduate work in counseling at Trinity College, and earned a Master’s Degree, graduating #1 in his class, from Humboldt State University. He is also a Certified Wellness Coach.

Our Experience: We have operated our fitness studio in San Juan Capistrano, California, for 25 years. In that time, Randy, has accumulated over 75,000 client-trainer hours of personal fitness training and lifestyle fitness coaching.

“I’ve learned so much over the years, especially in the area of what it takes to succeed in the long-term. I’ve also learned what it’s like to get older  both personally (I’m now 62!) and through my many long-term clients (several have reached 90!). This accumulated experience greatly impacts how we design programs that are truly both safe and effective for adults.”

Our wisdom: When you combine all that education and experience with the ever present desire to improve … you do gain wisdom.

It takes a long time to sort things out in a complex professional field. Higher education is just the start. In fact, through the years and with much reflection, I’ve evolved into a whole new paradigm of adult fitness. I love to share the good things I learn. Would you join us?

Wisdom indeed takes a lifetime – and we’re still at it! 


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