How can I be fulfilled, happy, healthy & fit???                                  veggies

By deciding to do things right, as best you know how to …and by filling up with healthy-happy-pleasures! It’s win – win – win.

That’s real GOODNESS. And when we do it with enthusiasm as a complete lifestyle … that’s a GOODNESS REVOLUTION! It can totally change your life!

Below I’ll share with you 3 simple steps that change your life for the better.

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Many times diets might work for the short-term. More than 95% of the time they fail in the long-term. Why? Because they don’t match our personal, or signature, way of life and they deprive us of personal pleasures. It’s a “one size fits all” approach, rather than “one size fits one … YOU.” We might do it for awhile, but then we revert to old ways because the diet-way-of-life wasn’t fulfilling or pleasurable enough to sustain.

We need pleasure in life. So what if we set out on a very personal quest to find MORE pleasure, pleasures that fit our personality and lifestyle perfectly? Could that pleasure-filled lifestyle last for the long-term … for a lifetime? Of course.

The one guideline? Make all the pleasures HEALTHY-HAPPY-PLEASURES, pleasures that are actually GOOD for you. Fill your life with these good-for-you pleasures. Short-term pleasure with long-term health & happiness. That can become a GOODNESS REVOLUTION. Then … it’s all good!  Your body will love you and you’ll feel  great.

This could be a great place to start you new lifestyle & fitness quest. Just imagine where it might take you. And you can even begin … NOW! It’s as easy as 1 …2 …3!

  1. Know what a “healthy-happy-pleasure” is: It’s something that you enjoy or find fulfilling while you are engaged in it – and it also leads to a good, healthy result … . which then makes you happy! Right?
    1. Pleasure lasts only as long as the activity producing it in ongoing. Then the pleasure ends. But happiness extends beyond the activity … and it builds!
    2. Some pleasures produce a negative result, and while you enjoy them for a moment, they make you unhealthy & unhappy in the long run.
    3. Some pleasures produce a positive result and make you healthy & happy. You enjoy them in the moment AND they make you healthier & happier! How great is that!! As I said before, it’s all good!
  2. Identify the “healthy-happy-pleasures in your life right now.  Do MORE of these!
  3. Seek & find NEW healthy-happy-pleasures, like a well-made veggie soup, or a pleasant walk after dinner. ADD it to your lifestyle!

OK. You’re on your way! I wish you the best in health, fitness & happiness. I hope you have a life-changing GOODNESS REVOLUTION!

And if I can help you along the way, feel free to contact me to inquire about our personalized lifestyle & fitness training, consultations, coaching, and group support programs.

Here’s to GOODNESS!

Randy Bengtsson, M.A.; CLFC; CWC