Happy 4th of July!

It’s a great day to  celebrate freedom. And that is what Lifestyle & Fitness is all about, the freedom to make choices, for good or ill-ness.

Where it gets tricky is how freedom works. In our “freedom” we can choose to indulge in certain less-than-optimal habits, and then, to our surprise, we find ourselves stuck in them … hard to get out. Oops. We discover one day that we’re not free after all, we’re bound!

Then we begin the work, or the process, to re-gain our freedom, to come to a place where we can easily do what we think is best, and not what an unhealthy, ingrained habit is calling us to do.

Perhaps we could take some time on this 4th of July to look at our health and fitness lives and see where we are free and where we are stuck. Then, with clarity, desire, direction, and support we can do the things that will make us truly free.

So here’s to freedom.


By randybengtsson

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